Our Story

The BluMax Trio members are ;
Anselmo Marquez /guitarist,vocalist & band leader.
Willy Steele / drums and percussion 
Mike Martin / upright and electric bass

Anselmo Marquez

Anselmo Marquez started to learn the guitar at the age of 9. He was introduced to the guitar by his Father Anselmo Senior who played Mexican folk songs and sang to him. In addition, his Uncles Freddy and Leo who performed professionally gave him lessons upon family visits. During his early years he would participate in family gatherings where his Father, Grandfather and 8 Uncles would all sing and play guitar. He was expected to perform in front of them solo so they could encourage him. His first band at the age of 12 was the Boy's Club Shindig Group consisting of guitars, trumpet, sax, drums and Singers. They were featured in the Toledo Blade News Paper that year. Over the next 50 years Anselmo has performed in Rock, R&B, Blues, Christian, Latin, Country, and Gospel Groups throughout Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois. This experience has helped him develop a unique style of solo and lead guitar work accompanied by his vocals which has impressed his audiences throughout the Chicagoland Area. Presently, he is writing music with Willy Steele in various projects. One of their recent compositions was featured in a play for the Western Springs Theater in August 2016. Audiences of all ages are entertained by Anselmo's performances solo and especially with The BluMax Trio! 

Willy Steel Bio

Willy Steele Drums and Percussion


I guess I was inspired by my father's stories about playing in the Marine Corp band, before going off to fight in the Korean War. Sadly, upon his return home, his mother had sold his drum kit. I started at the age of twelve. and proceeded to play in garage bands, The Boy Scout Band of Indianapolis, IN, then to junior high where, being the new kid in town ( we moved a lot),the band director told me he already had too many drummers and handed me a Tuba, and of course that didn't fly. Then in high school where I played in all the school bands as well as "The Hawthorne Caballeros" drum and bugle corp. Following that I toured with "Up With The People", then made my way to the Berklee College of Music where I studied Performance, and Production and Engineering. ( you'll have to guess what year I graduated). From there I played with the Colorado Symphony, and bands of all styles, until I meet my to-be wife, who is an actress, then I became very involved with theatre, playing in pit orchestras, writing music for stage plays and documentary films. That brings me to today and my playing with the most easy going Musical Trio I can imagine, " The BluMax Trio", where we touch on styles from jazz standards to Jimmy Hendrix. I play drum kit and hand drums as different gigs call for. I design and build many of the hand drums that I play. Come out and see us! You can Check them out!